Not much writing getting done this week as the Olympics get under way. I love watching these phenomenal athletes and can't help but wonder what their journeys might have been like. How does a 4 year old taking her first gymnastic class at a local school triumph to become an Olympian? Really, when you think of the hundreds of thousands of kids out there playing soccer or swimming in a local meet - what drives them to reach for Olympic greatness?

I am in awe and so inspired.

I think as writers we can certainly take notice because writing, like sport, requires an internal motivational factor, an intrinsic muse, you might say, that propel us forward to reaching our goals.

But, of course, an added bonus to watching the Olympics is seeing all those perfectly conditioned world athletes.  I tell you, it ain't strainin' the eyes much.
Dear Jason Statham,
With all due respect, please get the hell out of my head.  Yes, you are mouth wateringly intriguing and have abs that make me want to color outside the line, but, a gorgeous, English badass whose sexy glare can dry my 60-second nail polish in 15 seconds flat isn't part of my next story.


Lily Santana

OK - back to the real blog post:

One of the reasons why I love writing romance is that I get to fall in love over and over again with my heros. And isn't that why we read romance? Don't we want to experience that giddy, sexy and powerful thrill that comes with the process of falling in love? My sister swears my octave climbs a few notches when I'm in love. She calls it my 'Barbie' period.

When writing I always begin from my hero's perspective. Who is he? What is his issue? What does he want in life? And what kind of woman will blow his world? (I'm using the word blow in a strictly 'non erotic' way :-D ).  I don't know about you, but for me, I have to be a little (or a lot) in love with my hero to soak in the passion in my story.

But, sometimes, the process goes awry. Like, when the 'oh so wrong' hero enters the scene and obliterates my good intentions.

What is a writer to do? Much help is needed here. Please, share your strategies. In the meantime, I ponder and daydream and avoid any movie with JS in it.