Last night I saw Ain't Nothing But The Blues, a musical retrospective of Blues, at the Gerding Theater. The moving music yanked me back to a time and place many of us choose to forget. The origin of the Blues owes its roots to the African slaves who, even through unspeakable hardships, triumphed through song, and breathed the most riveting music to life.

Throughout the show, I found my body swaying, my foot tapping, and my hands clapping and I am astounded at how others in the room can listen to the music without moving.

The lyrics of songs tell an achingly haunting story, you see,and listening to Mississippi Charles Bevel, one of the co-creators of the show, sing I Can't Stop Loving You, stilled by heart and reminded me of the power of the human soul to touch us through words. 

Our stories can do the same, I hope, when we stay true to what Mississippi Charles calls our "Mississippi Hearts" and tell it like it is.


06/12/2012 7:13pm

One of the reasons I love music is the stories that are told through them -- they're like mini musicals in my head!


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